Rampant Death

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised.

A Dead Thief

Lately, there have been rampant deaths here there. If its not caused by road accident, then its arm robber(s) or a thief caught and beaten to death by aggressive angry youth. Just about two weeks ago, I witness with my own two naked eyes, two thieves beaten to death and each tired against an electric pole for the police to come and pick them up. Just a week after, I heard on the radio another thief also beaten to death.

Not only it was sad to see two naked bodies lying dead but disheartening as well as these young guys could easily get something better doing with their lives if they could just sit, be patient and think about doing something better to gain a better source of living than stealing people’s hard earn properties and belongings.


2 responses to “Rampant Death

  1. Is this latest rash of lynching reported anywhere in the Ghanaian press, independent or otherwise?

  2. The punishment does not fit the crime. Vigilante attacks like this speak more about the hidden rage of the attackers rather than whatever sense of justice they might have. The burnings and beatings that occur in Venezuela are usually aimed at alleged rapists. The problem with these kinds of folk justice is that there is no effort to do any investigation whatsoever, so the punishments are carried out not in the spirit of justice and fairness, but malice.

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