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The Disappointment

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The match ended 1:0 in favour of Ghana. Even though they won, much people where very disappointed because, they were expecting so much from them. They were expecting them to beat their Namibian counterparts by a slew of goals.

In the early minutes of the game, Ghana played so fast and aggressively, creating many changes but couldn’t make a good finish. The only goal of the game, came in the 41st minute by the golden leg of Junior Agogo who swiftly tap a long cross to the back of the net.

Ghana could have scored more goals, but they wasted all the chances that came their way.They where fortunate the Namibians didn’t couldn’t utilize the chances they had, they could have equalize or otherwise won the game.

With the highly disappointments from the black stars, you couldn’t hear jubilation all over like it was after the first Ghana match. This time, almost everyone was talking about the poor performance they exhibited especially with the inability to score more goals.

All bad words were on Asamoah Gyan because he had all the chances but couldn’t put the ball at the back of the net. He just plainly wasted them. The night is dull and everyone has gone to bed. Everywhere is quiet.


CAN2008 Round Down

Photo By: Akua-Frema Domfeh

This is just a quick round down of the first round of what has happened so far during the CAN2008. A just a basic statistics.

Total Goals For

Group A : 9

Group B : 2

Group C : 9

Group D : 6

Total in all : 26 goals

Total Goals and points for individual teams.

Group A
Name Goals Points
Morocco 5 3
Ghana 2 3
Guinea 1 0
Namibia 1 0

Group B
Name Goals Points
Ivory Coast 1 3
Mali 1 3
Benin 0 0
Nigeria 0 0

Group C
Name Goals Points
Egypt 4 3
Zambia 3 3
Cameroon 2 0
Sudan 0 0

Group D
Name Goals Points
Senegal 2 1
Tunisia 2 1
Angola 1 1
South Africa 1 1

Goals from individual players

Name Country Goals
Alloudi Soufiane(Top scorer) Morocco 3
Abdel Moteleb Abdrabou Egypt 2
Zidan Egypt 2
Samuel Etoo Cameroon 2
James Chamanga Zambia 1
Kennedy Nketani Zambia 1
Katongo Zambia 1
Salomon Kalou Ivory Coast 1
Sektioui Tarik Morocco 1
Zarka Monsef Morocco 1
Asamoah Gyan Ghana 1
Sulley Muntari Ghana 1
Oumar Kalabane Guinea 1
Fredrick Kanoute Mali 1
I. Jemaa Tunisia 1
M. Traui Tunisia 1
M.B. Sall Senegal 1
D. Kamara Senegal 1
M.A. Manucho Angola 1
E.V. Heerden South Africa 1

Thanks Anthony for compiling the names of the scorers.

Total number of penalties : 4

Photo By: Akua-Frema Domfeh

The Jubilation

There were jubilation all over just right when the match was about to start.
The streets parked with people. Nowhere to put your leg to have a comfort stand.
The football fever was just in the air.

Photo By: DI DI

Photo By: David Niinoi

After the match the jubilation continues and this time worsen. Cars blowing their
horns till the driver fills tired. Non stop noise the whole night.
People have to cancel their dates and movements because there was no space to move.

Photo By: DI DI