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Districts Of Accra, Osu

Osu is a district in central of Accra, well known when it comes to entertainment, African goodies, best restaurants, expensive goods and services,where tourist usually hang outs and its night life. The two most popular restaurants in Osu are papaye( experts with fried rice ) and Frankies ( best place to buy ice creams or have your dessert ). For authentic Ghanaian Cuisine head for the Osu night market where local dishes like banku and kenkey (Made from corn meal) are cooked freshly and served with assorted grilled fish and prawns (all prepared while you wait) at a fraction of the price one would pay in restaurants.

There is a popular street in Osu called Oxford Street, If you’re a tourist in you ever visited Ghana and had the chance to be in Accra then its likely you went to Oxford Street. Well known for hosting street carnivals in Osu especially every 31st of December.

The Ohene Ddjane Sports Stadium, the main sports stadium in Ghana which currently hosted the just ended CAN2008 finals is located in Osu. Osu also habours the Osu Castel ( a colonial fort ) which host Ghana’s governments.

If you’re visiting Ghana and need entertainment, then head off to Osu anytime you touch down.